Youth Venture Executive Innovator

Washington, DC, United States

Youth Venture is seeking a seasoned entrepreneur and executive to lead the organization to its next level of growth and impact.  Youth Venture is part of the Ashoka family, the pioneer of social investment and social entrepreneurship, and the world’s largest and most prominent network of leading social entrepreneurs.  Youth Venture spans 23 countries and engages hundreds of thousands of young people each year in launching and leading their own ventures that address society’s needs.  Over the past 16 years, Youth Venture has launched nearly 10,000 youth-led social ventures, engaging over 200,000 young changemakers and impacting millions of people’s lives. 

The Executive Director will lead the growth of Youth Venture from several dozen to 1,000 or more organizations that license and run their own Youth Venture programs across the globe with the aim of launching 200,000 ventures per year, engaging millions of young changemakers.  Additionally, the Executive Director will build out Youth Venture’s many relationships with media companies such as MTV, PBS and USA Today; a wide variety of corporations such as Accenture, Boehringer Ingelheim and MAC Cosmetics; universities including NYU, Georgetown and University of Florida; journalists; and civic organizations including United Way, AFS and Rotary Club.  A key element of the Executive Director role is to inspire and influence powerful groups, institutions and individuals to understand and embrace the critical importance of increasing dramatically the number of changemakers, both for their own benefit and for that of society.

The Executive Director will play a key leadership role in the Ashoka management team as well, collaborating with the regional and global leaders across Ashoka’s 65 countries to shape an Everyone a ChangemakerTM world.  The Executive Director will work closely with Bill Drayton, founder and chairman of Youth Venture as well as founder and CEO of Ashoka, Youth Venture’s board of directors and prominent advisors, and high net worth individuals who collaborate closely with Youth Venture and Ashoka to build out our collective vision of a world with dramatically more changemakers to launch and lead solutions that address society’s needs.  Youth Venture greatest contribution to Ashoka’s “Everyone a ChangemakerTM vision is to build a movement of young people who are changemakers and redefine the youth years as a time of positive contribution; they key factor for success in every part of society.

We seek an entrepreneur who understands and believes in the power of young people being changemakers for their own success and that of society, and who believes deeply in the importance of social entrepreneurship.  This entrepreneur would exhibit the following qualities:

  • Ability to lead through influence and ideas
  • Experience in running both a startup and a large, international organization
  • A track record of bringing ideas to scale
  • Empathy
  • Creativity to envision the next big moves for Youth Venture as it continues to grow through licensing, media/action campaigns, the YV community, and strategic alliances
  • Ability to manage a large networked system
  • Interest and agility in working across cultures and in a “team of teams” environment
  • Ability to inspire and lead a very entrepreneurial team across many geographic regions
  • A track record of investing in others to help them succeed
  • Experience working with or passion for young people
  • Agility with managing large client/partner relationships
  • Business and fundraising experience 
  • Ideally, experience in strategy and/or strategy consulting
  • Agility with financial management
  • Spanish speaking skills preferred.   

The Youth Venture Executive Director position is based in the Washington, DC, and will require some domestic and international travel.  

If you are excited about the vision and work of Youth Venture and interested in this position, apply below.  We are conducting the first round of interviews between now and October 30, 2014.  



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